Gatorade and the water bottle that talks to your phone

A little over a month ago I had written about a bottle that told you how much you are drinking and how much you should be drinking. In that article I also suggested making a bluetooth version of it, with very precise functions. Someone in Gatorade’s headquarters must have been listening to me because they made it.

A special cap

They called it the “Smart Gx Bottle,” and its magic is all in the cap: inside it is a battery and a bluetooth connection, and most importantly, there is its thinking brain that connects to your phone through an app. The purpose–according to Gatorade–is to help you stay fully hydrated at all times, doing so by observing your hydration habits and reminding you–both through the app and with notifications and finally with LEDs arranged on the screw cap–how much you have hydrated and whether you need to do so to reach your daily needs.

The magic bottle-which looks like a regular water bottle-is on sale only in the U.S. for $69.99 and can only be paired with iPhones through the appropriate iOS app. The cap is rechargeable, and the manufacturer’s stated battery life is 4-5 days.

The only limitation is the so-called operating temperatures, that is, the temperature range within which the bottle (or rather, its cap) operates properly. In fact, given the technological nature of this component, the Smart Gx Bottle cannot withstand excessively hot or cold temperatures, so it cannot be stored in the refrigerator nor can you fill it with excessively hot liquids, such as freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Otherwise it is ready to keep an eye on you, inform you and remind you to drink.


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