Who are the Runlovers?

Who are the Runlovers? It is wondered by the armchair lobby and agent Nordic Walking who are after them. Because, since they appeared on the scene, chair and cane sales have gone decidedly downward.

Who are the Runlovers? Nutritionists and physical therapists around the world, who have seen their work triple in size, wonder. Examinations, massages and consultations. And, by the way, not one euro has arrived here that is one!

Who are the Runlovers? This is being wondered about by city drivers who cannot fathom how running can be an alternative method of getting around as opposed to the automobile. And off they go to honk that horn when they meet one on the street!

Who are the Runlovers? Maybe you wonder about it yourself. All the more so since you have come this far. And since you ask, we tell you.

Sandro Siviero
lives, works, writes and runs in a location unknown to all, located by intelligence in an undefined area in the lands of Mordor.
Big is a kind of gray entity that sees everything and controls everything.
Mythological being, RunLovers contributors are only allowed to see him on Papuan national holidays and only in still images. That is, while he is running.In here he is the one who decides who lives and who dies and, for that, we love him with a selfless and spontaneous love.

Martino Pietropoli
the creature Tino Mar, the result of a not-so-successful experiment, has its own laboratory, obviously secret, from which the most diverse projects come out. The important thing is that they are barefoot.
He appears as a quiet and serious professional, but when he sees a 0-drop shoe, he loses control and goes out to try it running down the street.
First, however, he has the foresight to announce it on twitter.
It shares with Big the ability to run in freeze frame and is therefore the other side of the same coin.

Grazia Giulia Guardo (aka Iaia)
IaiaIt is said that, at first, Lewis Carroll had chosen her and that the novel was titled Witch in Wonderland but she, wanting to remain in the shadows to continue her plans for world conquest, turned down the lead role to leave it to that little wench Alice. From the slopes of Etna, Maghetta cooks, photographs, draws and continues to plan to conquer the world; in fact, her days last about 144 hours (12 squared).
To hold up these hellish rhythms he runs every day for at least an hour, could it be otherwise? He published for Mondadori “Maghetta Witch’s Recipes“, best seller at the top of the charts in the categories: garden gnomes, unicorns and retriever dogs. We suggest you buy it-seriously: it tops the “holiday cooking” charts-and read it; proceeds will go to AIRC so you’ll have a great book and contribute to research!

In addition, all these years they have collaborated or are still collaborating with us (in alphabetical order):


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