On Cloudsurfer: floating on lightness

Finally, after many kilometers of testing, here we are with the review of the On Cloudsurfer (which we had already talked about here) and – spoiler alert! – they confirmed all the excellent assumptions that the Swiss brand’s shoes had put on the table.

Let’s start right here: the On Cloudsurfer proved to be a running shoe for every day, every workout, with remarkable cushioning, a very smooth foot transition and – dulcis in fundo – a breathtaking lightness.

The first contact

The lightness is immediately apparent when you open the box and pick them up: in fact, they are among the lightest shoes in their category. In fact, they weigh 245 grams for the men’s version and 205 grams for the women’s version.

The aesthetics of the On Cloudsurfer are undeniably beautiful. Curated color combinations, clean and functional lines and, most importantly, a bit of novelty in a world of running shoes that is decidedly traditionalist.

From the first moment you put them on, you feel like they fit like a glove. The light and breathable upper, the support that keeps the heel in place, the tongue that allows you to lace them up securely without feeling the laces tighten in the slightest. In short, you understand right away that you can run a lot of kilometers in them and your foot will always be in ideal condition.

The cushioning is really impressive and complements the fit and lightweight feel of the Cloudsurfer very well.

And then you start running in them….

Let’s hit the road

From the first step, you feel the CloudTec Phase technology: a controlled and consistent compression of the cells that make up the midsole, designed through Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The result is an extremely smooth and fast foot stride.

The On Cloudsurfer immediately prove to be very cushioned shoes, making running a pleasure with every pace, even the slowest. But they never isolate your foot from the ground: the feeling of the stride is really considerable and you don’t feel any power dissipation.
Then, when you accelerate, the lightness and the CloudTec Phase midsole come into their own: the roll of the foot is fast, as is the contact time with the ground.

Long story short, they are fun and allow you to perform at your best even during the most demanding workouts.

There is no single type of use that challenges the Cloudsurfer, quite the opposite. If you’re out for a long, slow run – you’ll appreciate their light weight and responsiveness in addition to their cushioning. On the other hand, if you’re going for a fast workout, the cushioning will help you stay comfortable and keep going for a long time.

In this scenario, you can easily imagine that the most obvious talents of these shoes come from the midsole, which is really well designed – with a 10 mm drop and a technological platform that promises a lot of satisfaction. The review is rounded off by a sole that provides a sure grip at all times, even when the road is wet or damp, and – very important for the hot days ahead in the coming months – the upper is light and perfectly breathable.

In conclusion

The On Cloudsurfer is a shoe for everyone that makes cushioning and lightness its strengths, making it an excellent option for those looking for a single product that can handle both daily runs and fast workouts or races with great satisfaction.

The list price of 169.95 Euros is in line with many high-end “daily trainers” and the On Cloudsurfer, with its versatility, proves to be an affordable and powerful option.


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