On Cloudboom Echo 3: running in lambo

In a scenario where shoes try to cover as many uses as possible, On comes with a model that has one main use: running races as fast as possible. That, in 7 words, is the purpose of the On Cloudboom Echo 3.

From the moment I picked it up, the Cloudboom Echo 3 reminded me of a Lamborghini hypercar, a beautiful object that has one goal and accomplishes it well: to go faster than anyone else. It was designed to do that, and you can tell by the way it looks.

Out of the box

You feel lightness and speed in every element. The upper is a single layer of mesh, the graphics look like they are still in development with register crosses and an almost prototypical look that further enhances the “racing” aspect of the shoe. The carbon plate at the forefoot and heel can be seen protruding laterally from the upper. The rocker (the forward curvature of the shoe) is evident.
Before you even put them on, you know these are shoes for running fast, very fast.

But don’t think that every single detail is dedicated only to speed, because to run 42 kilometers fast, it’s essential that your foot is always in ideal condition. In fact, the tongue, although very thin, has a more padded layer so that even the narrower lacing does not bother you. There is also excellent padding around the heel: the perfect balance between lightness and foot alignment.

One last aspect makes you realize that every detail of the On Cloudboom Echo 3 has been designed to leave nothing to chance: the laces are ultra-light and coated with a thin layer of rubber so that once laced, they always stay tight and secure. A far from insignificant aspect.

Let’s hit the road

From the first moment you put them on, the sensations of lightness, speed and responsiveness you got from looking at them will be transferred to your feet.

The Helion HF (Hyper Foam) midsole has an extremely springy texture with every step you take. Even during warm-up you will feel very low ground contact times and strong racing dynamics.

The On Cloudboom Echo 3 are not shoes for easy paces and are at their best at speeds faster than 4’30″/km. This is where I feel the shoe responds best: it gives you thrust, responsiveness, momentum and structure.

It’s like being behind the wheel of a hypercar born for the track: you feel the road and you can make the On Cloudboom Echo 3 react the way you want it to because foot and shoe become one amplified system. In short, they feel like tools for breaking your personal records. Without compromise.

This feeling is achieved thanks to the perfect balance between the 3 technologies that make up the midsole: the CloudTech system, a distinctive feature of On; the Speedboard, the carbon plate that increases the rocker by increasing the forward thrust; and the Helion HF midsole, which has excellent responsiveness and lightweight characteristics.
One last and very important detail about the Helion HP compound: it’s completely recyclable because it is made from a material originally derived from castor beans and is composed of 46% bio-based materials.

All of this rests on a sole that covers only the areas of greatest wear, while providing great grip.

The bottom line.

The Cloudboom Echo 3s are not shoes for everyone, and they are a truly remarkable concentration of technology. Of course, all this innovation comes at a price. The list price of 299.95 Euros is a bit higher than the average race shoe, but in my opinion fully justified for a product of the highest level and design intelligence.

Weight: 215g (men) / 188g (women)
Drop: 9.5 mm
Price: 299.95 Euros

More info: on-running.com


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