adidas Ultraboost Light: the “wow!” effect

adidas today introduces the new Ultraboost Light. The revolution – because to speak of evolution would be reductive – of cushioned and reactive shoes whose history began 10 years ago with the arrival of the BOOST foam.

It’s precisely on the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the first shoes with BOOST technology that these Ultraboost Light are coming out.

The difference can be seen at first glance: the material at the midsole is smoother and there’s no longer the classic BOOST embossing. We are indeed facing a technological breakthrough with the arrival of Light BOOST.
This new compound is more responsive and, most importantly, lighter: 30 percent less weight, to be exact.

This defines for the Ultraboost Light an even more pronounced character, with energetic push, extreme cushioning,
unparalleled comfort and responsiveness.

The “wow!” factor

I had a chance to chat with Simon Lockett (Footwear Product Marketing Category Director at adidas) and, when I asked what feelings they had focused on when designing the shoe, he told me that their goal was to make people say “wow!” when they use them for running.

And it was not an easy goal to achieve because everyone runs with a different purpose and therefore has different expectations from shoes.

Ultraboost Light’s new technology package is complemented by a redesigned LEP to optimize responsiveness and a PRIMEKNIT+ upper.
We have already talked several times about adidas’ particular environmental sensitivity, which is also confirmed in this new model that brings with it a 10 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of the previous model.

A few more details

While we wait to thoroughly test the new Ultraboost Light and see how they do on the road, this new design also proves interesting in numbers. As I told you, the weight is now 299 grams for the men’s version and 262 grams for the women’s version while the drop remains stable at 10 millimeters.

Starting today, February 23, 2023, you can find the new adidas Ultraboost Light in the best running stores and on priced at 200 euros.


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